WHEEL TURTLE™ is an innovative sensor module designed to mount in a wheel arch.  Each WHEEL TURTLE™ collects data on 8 Temperature points across the face of each tyre, plus distance to wheel for suspension movement and tyre colour RGB values.

WHEEL TURTLE™ can stream LIVE to the Team Plus™ TELDASH™ smart phone app, OR to your CANbus race dash and data logger using Team Plus™ CANGATE for WHEEL TURTLE™.  

From the Team Plus™ TELDASH™ smart phone app you can: 

  • Read temperatures in C or F on each tyre in graphical format
  • View colour coded temperatures with configurable thresholds for Blue (cold), Green (ideal),  Orange (warning), and Red (over temp)
  • Record peak(max) temperatures for each of the 32 temperatures, for easy review after drive.
  • Watch live Thermal Image for any tyre
  • View location and Motion Data
  • Record your on track session data on the phone
  • Live stream to friends or teammates
  • Save and send recordings to another device



Why Monitor Tyre Temperatures? 

Tyres are one of the top tunable performance impact items in a track day street car or a full time race car.  Setting the tyre pressures impacts temperature, as does the wheel alignments, conditions and driving techniques.  Tyre temperatures change rapidly and differ across the width of the tyre tyre at every corner and along every straight. Temperature of a tyre can change by 20-30 or more degrees C during a lap and may even peak higher than that in some corners.

But we often only use the pressure of a tyre to check on this or perhaps a thermal gun to measure the temps once you are back in the pits (way too late), and the rest is all by feel and guesswork.   

The Wheel Turtle is all about giving you real time and logged data that can be used to really get the tyre settings and driver styles right. 

So what are the top reasons to use the Wheel Turtle system:

  • for the driver at test days:
    • driver learn best techniques for warming tyres at test days
    • Understand your cornering and braking technique impact on tyre temps and therefore condition/longevity.  Good for tyre management.
  • For car setup / engineering:
    • See the impact of camber adjustments visually and in the logged data to get that ideal setting.
    • Use the data from tyres and visualisations to see over or under inflation of the tyre by looking at edge heat vs centre heat on each.
  • For driver on race day:
    • One glance colour visualisation to know if the tyres are ready for that qualifying or sprint best lap.
    • On a safety car restart, monitor and know how warm the tyres are.
    • Get visual overheated tyre warning so you know when to back off to preserve the tyre.
    • Immediately visualise the level of hotspot/flat spot damage from a lockup.

But the Wheel Turtle does even more.  It also measures distance to the tyre, so can indicate the suspension movement.

AND.. the Wheel Turtle monitors and logs the tyre colour..  measuring the amount of red, green and blue consistently.  In logged data this has the potential to measure patterns of tyre wear induced colour change over the life of a tyre.

The combination of these sensors is unique to the Wheel Turtle and has the potential to give unique ideas and insights to smart engineers.

So if you love to take your prized performance car to a track day or want to get a new edge in your race car, the Wheel Turtle is a tool you must consider.


The Wheel Turtle™ WT1 model features:

  • Adjustable head moving around 80 degrees to allow extra mounting position options.
  • Internal battery for easy install and movement between vehicles
  • Micro USB port for charging and software updates.
  • Power Switch for battery management
  • 59 x 46 x 20mm (head flat) or 59 x 46 x 27mm (head raised) and only 35 grams including battery.
  • 110 degree field of vision.








Look for the Wheel Turtle Certified Logo for solutions that are compatible with these sensors.
This includes:


  • Integration with CANBUS Dash products using Team Plus™ CANGate for Wheel Turtle:
    • Integration with your chosen CANbus capable loggers and dash.
    • One Glance Tyre temp visualisations for driver using the 3.5” touch screen on CANGate as a secondary display.
    • Display tyre temperature data on your existing race dash when integrated with CANbus
    • Data Logging and analysis via your existing data logger when integrated with CANbus
    • On-screen tick box options to set CANbus speed, with more details settings available using the Teledash iPhone app.
    • Publicly available CANbus protocol and dbc file for easy configuration into your dash or logger.

  • Team Plus™ TELELOGGER™:
    • Data sent to TELELOGGER™ live through bluetooth.
    • Log data locally to TELELOGGER™ SD Card;   and/or
    • Transmit data from TELELOGGER™ with 4G SIM Card
    • TELEDASH™ phone app can view live or replay data from TELELOGGER™ over internet.
  • Integration with other bluetooth apps:
    • Under the Wheel Turtle Certified program, the bluetooth message format  is available for  integration into your favourite logging or dash app.   Contact Team Plus Pty Ltd to add a solution to the Certified program.