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Telemetry Solutions

The Team Plus TELELOGGER captures, logs and transmits important vehicle and driver performance data. Highlights:
- up to 10Hz data capture rate
- GPS location, speed and direction data
- Gyroscope, Magentometer for yaw, pitch and roll data
- Accelerometer for 3 dimensional g force data
- External Inputs for additional analog or digital sensors
- Vehicle CANBUS data via OBD2 Port where available
- connect to Team Plus WHEEL TURTLES to log tyre data
- Bluetooth live data transmission for TELEDASH Phone app
- Logging of all data to internal SD Card
- Transmit all data to TELEHUB service using internal 4G SIM or local wifi
The Team Plus TELEDASH is a Smart Phone app to access the data and configure Team Plus devices:
- Display TELELOGGER and/or WHEEL TURTLE data live over bluetooth
- Display a Thermal Image of any specific tyre live. - Change configurations and settings of WHEEL TURTLE, TELELOGGER and TELEGATE (soon) products. - Several screen modes to visualise data with easy movement between screens
The Team Plus WHEEL TURTLE range is an innovative turtle shaped sensor with optional adjustable head angle. It is mounted in a vehicle wheel arch to measure key tyre and suspension data without hard wiring sensors to the car. Highlights:
- Measures 8 temperatures across the face of each tyre from inside to outside edges
- Distance sensor measures wheel suspension movement
- Colour sensor captures the tyre RGB colour codes for analysis and potential grip warnings.
- up to 10Hz data capture rate
- Data transmitted over Bluetooth to phone app and/or TELELOGGER
- Optional internal battery power for hours of capture time or can be USB powered.
- Customisations available for battery/wired options, mounting options, sensor width angle options.
Team Plus has built the software that controls the TELELOGGER, WHEEL TURLES and TELEDASH.
The Team Plus TELEHUB cloud telemetry service built on the Freematics software core has extra functionality to support our products with easy to use and functionally rich web pages and services.
The Team Plus TELEDASH iOS app is now available on the apple app store.
Phone App Highlights:
- Display all TELELOGGER data live via Bluetooth
- Display all WHEEL TURTLE data live via bluetooth
- Display live data via TELEHUB on the internet for vehicles out of bluetooth range
- Display and explore previous data on the TELEHUB.
A growing range of accessories for Team Plus products are available:
- Mounting brackets for WHEEL TURTLES
- External Sensor input cables for TELELOGGER

Team Plus

Smart Sensors

TELELOGGER has inbuilt 10Hz GPS for speed and location plus 9 way Movement, magnetic, and gyroscope sensors capturing all the data that helps understand the dynamics of the car and its driver actions. TELELOGGER can also be plugged into the OBD port of car to access key driver input data and vehicle performance data. WHEEL TURTLES then add 8 temperatues, distance and colour sensor data for each wheel to help with driver and car performance transmitted by Bluetooth to the TELELOGGER and directly to phone apps and TELEDASH.

Bluetooth and Internet Access

Bluetooth 4 allows Wheel Turtles and TELELOGGER to send data directly to TELEDASH Apps without additional car wiring. Using a 4G LTE SIM card, the TELELOGGER can then send live data to our TELEHUB internet cloud servers and you can access the data live or later using the TELEDASH or TELEHUB web pages.

C3F Car Control Advice

TELEDASH and TELEHUB incorporate the trademarked C3F Technology to measure and notify you of vehicle control issues. This provides an opportunity to measure and improve car control which leads to safer driving on the road, and faster lap times at the track. A 1-100 score of live and previous trips provides a simple way to know how well the driver inputs are impacting vehicle control with the current road and weather conditions.

Battery or USB Power

All Team Plus Telemetry Solutions devices can be powered by USB. TELELOGGER can use USB power if no OBD port is available. WHEEL TURTLES can use USB power to charge or supplement the internal batteries (optional).

Client testimonials

The Team Plus TELELOGGER enabled me to consolidate important driver data from OBD and provide quality 10Hz GPS and accelerometer data into one device, replacing several others and even connected my external Boost Gauge data. Valuable tool for improving my Track Day Skills. I am keen to now try the TELEHUB and WHEEL TURTLE solutions

Track Day Success



Using TELELOGGER and TELEHUB in my car everyday I now realise some areas of my car handling that can be improved. So easy to look at a map of a past trip and see specific locations with advice on where car control could be improved. I never knew I did some of those things. I will be a safer driver as a result.

I never Knew that…



As soon as my TELELOGGER arrived, I ran downstairs and plugged it into the car and went for a drive. I love spending time looking at the performance data of my car and me. There is complex maths and physics involved in car control, but having a simple view of highlighted risks from each drive takes all the work out of it. I am excited to see what else I can use this information for

There is science to this



As a World Time Attack Championship winning team, we are always looking for new ways to provide our fans with ways to engage with us. Using the TELELOGGER plus TELEHUB will give us the ability to provide live feeds of dashboard style information from the car to a big screen at the back of the Pit Garage for our fans to watch the lap.

Telemetry for our Fans



The Team Plus WHEEL TURTLE sensor prototypes we tested are a game changer for testing sessions in our race cars. Having the ability to see temperatures across the whole face of the tyre LIVE while on the track helps the driver to know how he is treating the tyres and the engineers can get much more accurate picture of setup and geometry changes. Add to that suspension movement tracking and tyre colour monitoring that can notice grip changes or conditions issues, and this is a technology that cant be ignored for any team serious about getting the best our of their cars and drivers. I cant wait for them to be released onto the market.

Game Changer for testing

TELELOGGER, WHEEL TURTLES (Prototype), TELEDASH (Prototype), Data Monitor iOS (beta)


Every order is 100% designed and Assembled in Australia.

Team Plus Products are built in small batches using custom hardware and software and enclosures designed in Australia.

Products can be built and shipped within 48 hours.

Wheel Turtle sensor enclosures are 3D printed using high temperature plastic and then hand assembled in our offices here in Canberra, Australia.   Then our latest firmware is installed and we test each one before shipping to you anywhere in the world.

We also have the TeleDash Mobile app for iOS available to complement and configure the solutions.  (Android versions are in development now)

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